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Why is there no connection to my gateway?

On the gateway there is two light diodes, one red and one green. These diodes can help you determine what the error is.

An red_dark_1376.png or green_dark_1379.png icon indicates that the LED is off, an red_light_1377.png or green_light_1374.png icon indicates that the LED is on and an red_blink_1375.png or green_blink_1378.png icon indicates that the LED flashes.






green_light_1374.png red_dark_1376.png


Everything works.

green_light_1374.png red_light_1377.png


There is no connection to the internet, but the Accesspoint works.

green_blink_1378.png red_dark_1376.png


There is an error between the Raspberry Pi and the Accesspoint or the Accesspoint is not connected. There is however connection to the internet.

green_blink_1378.png red_light_1377.png


There is an error between the Raspberry Pi and the Accesspoint or the Accesspoint is not connected, plus there is no connection to the internet.

green_dark_1379.png red_dark_1376.png


There is a power failure.

green_dark_1379.png red_light_1377.png


The SD-card is not inserted to the Raspberry Pi

Possible solutions to the errors




WiFi: Check with a smartphone, tablet or PC if a WiFi network with SSID “ReMoni GateWay” is visible. If it is visible follow the instructions “GateWay with WiFi”. If it is not visible, verify that the router your gateway is connected to, has got internet.

Ethernet: Verify that the ethernet cable is correctly connected to the gateway. Only the yellow LED on the ethernet connector should flash if there is connection. If not, try with another cable.

USB dongle: The light on the dongle should show a constant blue light. If there is no blue light, verify that the settings on the sim card is correct and there is data.

All: Restart the gateway by turning off the power, wait 20 seconds and turn it back on again.


Verify that the cable between the Raspberry Pi and the Accesspoint is correctly connected.

Try with a different cable.


Check the solutions for error codes 102 and 103.


Verify that the power is turned on and inserted correctly.


Verify that the SD-card is correctly inserted or try with a different SD-card.