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Water supply pipe

Unittype: Water supply pipe.

Sensors used: HeatMoniSpot.

Solution: Are your pipes leaking?

Method: The sensors probes are mounted on the supply cable or pipe.

Alarm setup:
Configurations: The included alarms are added automatically if you select the unit type "water pipe" when the unit is registered on ReCalc. No other configurations are needed.

  • Leaks: The SeepLeak alarm works by monitoring whether the water consumption goes to zero at least once a day. We can detect leaks from about one drop per second, corresponding to four liters per day.
  • Missing flow: If it's difficult to identify any flow in the pipe, you will be warned. Alarms are still raised if they are detected. Missing flow can be due to a sensor installation failure, or because the temperature of the water in the pipe is close to the temperature of the surrounding air, which makes the alarm less sensitive.
  • Missing data: If there has been a data drop out (big enough to make the leak detection invalid) no (false) alarms will be generated, and you will be warned.