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Is it necessary to name your unit?

When adding a new unit, the ReCalc platform offers several options that will help to identify the unit and its data. These options are available in the tap named “Optional” when installing or editing a unit. Applying these optional traits is recommended to help identify units and sensors and their data.

  1. Describe what unit the sensor is placed on and what brand or model it is and where it is located. Any relevant information about the unit can be explained here.
  2. Tags are keywords that identify what the unit does, measure, location or type. It is possible to add more than one tag per unit. Use these tags to sort through and categorise the units by placement or data depending on the tag.
  3. Select an image file or, if you are using a smartphone or tablet with a camera, take a picture of the unit you are attaching the sensors on to help anyone find the sensor.
  4. To help locate the unit later, ReMoni will automatically attempt to get GPS coordinates from the browser of the device used to register the unit. If this is not possible you can use the map to pinpoint the unit's location.