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What can be the reason why my dongle is not working - and what can I do?

One reason could be that the settings on the SIM-card are wrong and should be changed to another. If that is the case you can solve it by following these steps.

OBS: The dongle only support Windows computers.

  1. Make sure there is no internet connection, by turning off the WiFi and remove the LAN cable if connected.
  2. Plug in the dongle and wait for the web management page of the dongle to open.
  3. If the message "Updates available. Please download" appears on the web management page of the dongle, push the button "Go to home".

  4. Select the tab "Settings" and change "Data roaming" to the opposite. E.g. if the radio button "disable" is active, change it to "enable" and press "Apply".

  5. Pull out the dongle from the PC and Plug it into your Gateway again.
  6. Turn on the gateway.