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Is my SIM-card locked with a PIN-code? If so, how do I disable it?


  1. Insert the SIM-card to a phone, and turn it on to see if a PIN-code request appears.
  2. Disable the SIM card's PIN query (please see your phone's user manual for further details).


OBS: If the SIM-card is locked, it's not possible to unlock it on a computer. To unlock it, use the phone guide above, or contact the SIM-card provider for further help.

  1. Turn on a computer (The dongle only support Windows computers).
  2. Make sure there is no internet connection, by turning off the WiFi and remove the LAN cable if connected.
  3. Plugin the dongle and wait for the web management page of the dongle to open.
  4. If the message "The SIM card has not been detected or is invalid" appears on the web management page of the dongle, the SIM-card is locked with a PIN-code.