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Connect a Kamstrup sensor to ReCalc

In order to read data from the Kamstrup sensor, an encryption key must first be generated. This is done through Kamstrup's website.

  1. Go to the Kamstrup login page
  2. If you do not have an account, make one.
  3. Click on: Krypteringsnøgler.
  4. In "Administrer enheder" chose "+ Registrer enhed".
  5. Fill out the form.

  6. Click on the sensor id in the list and chose "Download fil".
  7. Chose XML from the dropdown list "Filtype" and click on "Download fil".
  8. Open the XML file in Excel or a similar program.
  9. Inside the XML file, the encryption key can be found under "EncKeys", shown here marked in red:
  10. Save the encryption key for later use.


Register the Kamstrup sensor inside ReCalc.

  1. Log in to ReCalc
  2. Make sure the GateWayWMBus is registered before you register the sensors. See the installation guide here.
  3. Click on "External Sensors" in the left menu panel.
  4. Press the button "Register new External Sensor".
  5. Fill out the form as shown below:
    1. Choose a name for the sensor.
    2. In the dropdown, select "Gateway".
    3. In the dropdown, select "Kamstrup".
    4. Then select "Multical 21" or "Multical 302"
    5. Enter the Kamstrup device ID (the first part of the serial number before "/").
    6. Type the encryption keys we retrieved in the first section are inserted.


  6. Wait for the sensor to be created, you may reload the page a couple of times. This usually takes 1 minute.
  7. To see data from the sensor, it must be created as a Unit. To do that, click on the + sign in the "Units" section.
  8. Fill out the form as shown below:

    1. Give the new unit a telling name.
    2. In the Unit type dropdown, select "Generic Unit".
    3. Under Generic UnitTypeInput 1. Click on the circle next to “External sensor”.
    4. In the drop-down "External sensor", select the sensor that has just been created*.
    5. In the drop-down "External sensor channel", select the available channel.
    6. Click “Create”


      *It can take a few moments before you’re able to choose sensors.

  9. You can now go to "View data" i the menu and choose the new unit you created.
  10. Click on “Live” to see live data.