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AirMoniGateway (CO2, temperature and humidity sensor) readings in ReCalc

  1. The AirMoniGateway must be connected to the Internet. To connect the AirMoniGateway follow the GateWay installation guide here.
  2. Log in to ReCalc.
  3. Click on the "+" icon next to the menu item "Units".
  4. Fill in the information as shown below:
    1. Give the new unit a telling name.
    2. In the Unit type dropdown, select "AirMoniGateway ".
    3. Enter the ID number written on the side of the AirMoniGateway sensor.
    4. In the Sensor channel dropdown, select the channel that matches the channel heading:
      • CO2 concentration = CO2 concentration
      • Air Humidity = Relative Humidity
      • Air Temperature = Temperature
    5. Here the channel can be given a more recognizable name.
    6. Click “Create”


  5. You can now go to "View data" in the menu and select the new unit that has been created.
  6. Click “Live” to view live data.