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Level 2A - Balanced loads, manually (ampere)

  1. Clamp PowerMoniSpot on a two-wire cable and go to
  2. Select "Units"Step_1__Selfcalibrated_.png
  3. From PowerMoniSpot, click the arrow next to "View" in the left margin and select “edit” Step_2__Selfcalibrated_.png
  4. In the top, select "Data"Step_3__Selfcalibrated_.png
  5. Click on “sensor calibration" Step_4__Selfcalibrated_.png
  6. Press the calculator and enter the calibration constant6_lommeregner_-_calibration__002_.png

    To find the calibration constant, there are two options:

    1. Measure with an ammeter on the cable where the sensor is connected, what the maximum effect (watts) is
    2. If connected to an electric motor, read on the label, what the maximum watt is


Once the maximum watt is found by using one of the two methods, simply divide it with the highest number on the graph

That way you will find the calibration constant

Example: PowerMoniSpot shows 225 on ReCalc. The actual consumption is measured to be: 315 watts. The calibration constant is therefore: 315/225 = 1.4

Please note that the sensor needs to be calibrated again if you move it on the cable, or to a new unit