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How to calibrate PowerMoniSpot: Level 2B - Single-phase auto-calibration (ampere)

1. Clamp a PowerMoniSpot on a single-phase cable, connected to the unit you wish to monitor. Note that this calibration type only works if the sensor is installed on a single-phase (one live and one neutral conductor) cable, no thicker than 8 mm. In this guide, we're using the unit "aircondition" as an example.

2. Go to

3. Select "Units" in the menu and choose the unit you want to monitor on the list as seen below. Make sure that the sensor ID matches the PowerMoniSpot's ID. Click on the arrow next to "View" and select “Edit” in the drop-down menu. 


4. In the top, choose the tap “Data.” 


5. Select Level 2B in the drop-down menu.


6. Click on "Request calibration."


7. A level 2B calibration has successfully been requested.


Please note that the sensor needs to be calibrated again if you move it on the cable, or to a new unit.