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PowerMoniSpot: Levels of calibration

PowerMoniSpot can be calibrated on 4 different levels:


Level 1 - Load profile (uncalibrated)

This is the default level of PowerMoniSpot.

It will measure and display the profile of load, but it will not display W (watt) or A (ampere).

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Level 2A - Manual, balanced loads only (ampere or watt)

Calibrate the PowerMoniSpot manually, using a clamp-on Ammeter or similar. 

Supports all cable types with any number of phases, as long as the load is balanced across the phases.

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Level 2B - Single-phase auto-calibration (ampere)

Auto-calibrate to indicate current (A) or power (W) with a lower precision (±25%).

You can use this calibration level if the sensor is installed on a single-phase - 

(one live and one neutral conductor) cable, no thicker than 8 mm. 

This automatically calibrates your sensor and you are all set - no other actions are needed.

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Level 3 - All loads, calibrated with PowerMoniMain (ampere)

Precision calibration with assistance from a temporarily installed PowerMoniMain sensor.

Works on all cable types with any number of phases, regardless of how the load is distributed across the phases.

Sensors calibrated with this method will generate precise current data for each individual phases.

Sub-meter for balanced, as well as imbalanced loads. 

Calibrated with PowerMoniMain to high precision ampere (accuracy ~1%). 

(This level is not yet available)


Level 4A - Full sub-meter, using PowerMoniMain (ampere, volt, power angle)

Calibrated as Level 3, plus a PowerMoniMain in the switchboard to measure voltage (accuracy ~1%).

This level supports balanced, as well as imbalanced loads.

At level 4, you have a full sub-meter solution,

naturally with the high resolution and IoT integration of the PowerMoni solution.

(This level is not yet available)