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What is a unit and sensor channels?


A Unit is a representation of something in the real world that you want to monitor the resource consumption for, view data for, and potentially receive alarms for, when something is wrong. 
Eg. a refrigerator needs sensors to deliver data for its power consumption, the inside temperature and the outside temperature.

To get data from a sensor, you first need to setup up a Unit and attach the sensor to it.
Eg. you were to create a refrigerator unit, you have to assign sensors to its three datastreams: “Electricity”, “Inside temperature”, and “Outside temperature”. Select, or type in the ID of, a PowerMoniSpot for the “Electricity” datastream, where channel 1 is selected by default. Likewise select, or type in the ID of, a HeatMoniSpot for the “Inside temperature”. But in this case, you can use the same HeatMoniSpot sensor for “Outside temperature” as well, by selecting different sensor channels for the two datastreams. 

  1. The UnitType chosen dictates which datastreams are available.
  2. The highlighted box is an example of a datastream available for the UnitType chosen (Refrigerator).
  3. As a UnitType sometimes require input from different types of Sensors it is possible to select different Sensor ID for every UnitTypeInput available.




Sensor channel

Data from Sensors are saved on the UnitType. When a Sensor is registered to a UnitType a Sensor channel offered by the registered Sensor must be selected. The number of Sensor channels that are available by a Sensor Is determined by the Sensor model.

  • PowerMoniMain offer 15 Sensor channels. This means the 15 channels can be allocated to fit the user needs, eg. one PowerMoniMain can measure five three-phased systems or 15 single-phase systems or a mix of both.


  • PowerMoniSpot offer 1 Sensor channel (therefore channel 1 is chosen by default)


  • HeatMoniSpot offer 3 Sensor channels
    Sensor channel 1: Internal 1 probe
    Sensor channel 2: External 1 probe 1
    Sensor channel 3: External 2 probe 2


For each datastream needed on a UnitType, a Sensor ID can be inserted and a Sensor channel selected from the chosen Sensor.