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What alarm types does the unit types support?

UnitTypes and AlarmTypes

Overview of UnitTypes and the AlarmTypes they support


ConsumptionLevel SeepLeak SensorDown ActivityTimer
UnitTypes  Detects unusual unit consumption durations Detects unusual unit consumption levels Detects possible leaks in pipes Detects potential problems with sensor hardware Warns when a unit's total time active exceeds the threshold specified on the unit
Air conditioning ductless        
Battery Charger  
Pipe cleaning - hot water        
Household freezer        
Heating pipes        
Exhaust Hood  
Hot water supply pipe        
Electric light  
Solar Inverter  
Ventilation aggregate  
Electric water heater  
Water supply pipes      
Water purifier  
Water supply pump  
Central heating circulation pump        
Waste water pump  
Stable climate        
Generic PowerMoniSpot  
Generic PowerMoniMain        
Generic HeatMoniSpot        
Stable water supply        
Industrial Freezer        
Delta temperature pipes        
Water based radiator        
Electric radiator  
Air conditioning ducted        
Generic TempMoniSpot