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How to Setup a PowerMoniMain in ReCalc

  1. Press the New Unit "+" icon on the left side menu.
  2. Type in a name of your own choice for the PowerMoniMain for easy identification later.
  3. Select the Unit type that describes the installation. Make sure the type chosen supports the PowerMoniMain sensor.
  4. Type in the Sensor ID found on the PowerMoniMain sensor or select it from the dropdown menu if the PowerMoniMain is already recognized.
  5. Select the Channel number that will be used for monitoring.
    Repeat the above steps for every channel used on PowerMoniMain.
  6. Press Create to finish the setup.


Tip: it is possible to add a description, tags, a picture and location in the "optional" tab to share relevant information about this installation with other users.  


Find the PowerMoniMain Standalone installation guide here.

Find the PowerMoniMain datasheet here.