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Temperature Basic


Temperature Basic is designed to give the user an overall view of all temperature measurements across units.

To make large amounts of data more manageable, we recommend providing the various Units with tags. For example, could all units receive data from the same building be tagged "Building A".

Note:Data is displayed in CET (Central European Time (UTC+1)) and automatically switches between summer and winter time.

1. Dropdown with the channels belonging to the selected units.

2. Dropdown with the tags created on the different units. If a tag is selected, the units with associated data that fall under this tag are displayed.
Tip: To select more, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking. 

3. Dropdown containing the units of the type Heating Pipes, Water Based Radiator and Outdoor Temperature created in ReCalc. To select more, hold down the Ctrl key when clicking.

4. Period selector. Here you select the period you want to see data from.

5. Temperature units is a table of all units found in the selected time period. To select more, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking. See below.
Name: Displays the unit name as well as the channels belonging to that unit.
Min: The lowest measured value found in the selected sort.
Max: The highest measured value in the selected sort.
Average: Channel average in the selected sort.

6. The temperature per channel displayed in the selected time period.

7. Slider to fine adjust the data section.

8. The timestamp shows when data has been updated.

9. Shows which time zone data is displayed in.


Select multiple items by holding down the Ctrl key when clicking: